About Us


BION Inc. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer founded in 1987.  The company has been focusing on developing cycle computers, heart rate monitors, power measuring tools, and devices for outdoor activities over the past three decades.

BION began manufacturing cycle computers in 1988; it was the oldest cycle computer manufacturer in Taiwan.  We introduced our first heart rate monitor watch in 1997; the watch was the first combination of heart rate monitor and wearable accessory worldwide.  This not only brought the convenience to the fitness people but it has changed the way of exercise since then. 

Nowadays, People recognized the importance of monitoring and recording their performance while exercising in order to compare and evaluate their fitness level to maximize overall training; hence, BION dedicates to develop preciously pedal type power meter and advanced GPS training cycle computer for fulfilling users' demand.

BION Inc. was formed for the purpose of expanding our high technology to the outdoor sports industry to benefit a wider range of customers. We will keep effort in this field and combine professional knowledge from college to bring effective and high-quality services.