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Product No : GPS-300B
Product Name : GPS-300B
Product Description
Using GPS technology speed sensors are no longer need to be install. GPS-300B is able to receive signals from the satellite and display speed and distance. GPS-300B is able to record your riding data and later upload it to Strava using Ride for Life APP. GPS-300B is able to pair with BLE sensors cadence, heart rate, and even power pedals.

"Power" is what bike riders want to know! In the past, it was used to measure heart rate and track physical condition; however, heart rate requires time measurement and cannot predict short-term training. Now with the power sensor, we can immediately measure the user's actual power output!
Product Introduction
GPS-300B Function List

Trip Time
Speed (Current / Average / Maximum)
Speed Comparison
Trip Distance
Total ODO
Device Low Battery Indicator
Sensor Low Battery Indicator
Riding Data File Storage
Key Sound
Maintenance Reminder
Actual Altitude 
Cadence (Current / Average / Maximum)
Heart Rate (Current / Average / Maximum)
Power (Current / Average / Maximum)
APP - Ride For Life

- Train with power
Direct and immediate actual output
- BLE protocols
- Recording riding data
- Clock(12/24Hr)
- Trip Time
- Current Speed
- Average Speed
- Maximum Speed
- Speed Comparison
- Actual altitude
- Temperature
- Total ODO
- Backlight
- Low battery indicator
- Trip Distance
- Riding Data File storage
- APP Link
- Actual Altitude
- Maximum Altitude
Optional Functions
- Heart Rate
- Cadence
- Power
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!