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Product No : GPS-300P
Product Name : GPS-300P
Product Description
"Power" is what bike riders want to know! In the past, it was used to measure heart rate and track physical condition; however, heart rate requires time measurement and cannot predict short-term training. Now with the power sensor, we can immediately measure the user's actual power output!

GPS-300P is the best-fit computer for power pedals, it includes FTP testings, allows the riders to know what power zone they are currently in and train to improve.
Product Introduction
GPS-300P Function List

Trip Time
Speed (Current / Average / Maximum)
Speed Comparison
Trip Distance
Total ODO
Customize Display
Device Low Battery Indicator
Sensor Low Battery Indicator
Riding Data File Storage
Key Sound
Altitude (Current / Average / Maximum)
Gradient (Average / Maximum)
Cadence (Current / Average / Maximum)
Heart Rate (Current / Average / Maximum)
Power (Current / Average / Maximum)
Left / Right Pedal Watt
FTP Testing
APP - Ride For Life
History Menu